6 th Eastern Asia (ASEAN) Youth Chess Championship

6th Eastern Asia (ASEAN) Youth Chess Championship

4-13 November 2022, Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand Chess Association (TCA) under the auspices of the Asian Chess Federation (ACF)
and International Chess Federation (FIDE) invites regional chess federations (Zone 3.3 and
China) to participate in the 6th Eastern Asia (ASEAN) Youth Chess Championship, to be held
in Bangkok, Thailand, from 4th November (Arrival) — 13th November (Departure) 2022.

Tournament Rules and Regulations

1. Eligibility and Participation
1.1. Entitled to participate are chess players from Eastern Asia federations (Zone 3.3
member federations and China).
1.2. Each Eastern Asia Federation (Zone 3.3 member federations and China) can register
only ONE official player in each category (organizer provides them free full
accommodation in double rooms).
1.3. Each federation may register any number of additional players. These players will
cover their board and lodging by themselves.
1.4. Players must not have reached the relevant age before 1st January 2022. See table
below. In case there are fewer than ten players and five federations in an age group,
that group shall be merged with another age group. Players under 6 (born on or
after 1st Jan 2016) shall have a special category.


Registration form


Casto Abundo, Executive Director, Asian Chess Federation

Registration and visa: Accommodation: Transfer:

Sahapol Nakvanich, President, Thailand Chess Association: