2022 Asia-Oceania University Chess Championship

2022 Asia-Oceania University Chess Championship December 17th to 26th on Tornelo

National University Sports Federation of Iran (IUSF) and the Asian University Sports Federation (AUSF) invite National University Sports Federations in Asia and Oceania to participate in the 2022 Asia-Oceania University Chess Championship from 17th to 24th December 2022, which is supported by Asian Chess Federation (ACF) and International Chess Federation (FIDE) and Iran Chess Federation (ICF).

1. Events

Men’s Individual
Women’s Individual
Men’s Team
Women’s Team

2. Eligibility

All players must satisfy the following conditions in order to participate in the AUCC:

2.1 be full-time students who are currently officially registered as proceeding towardsadegree or diploma at the university or similar institute whose status is recognizedbytheappropriate national academic authority of their country or regions;
2.2 be former students who have obtained their academic degree or diploma in the precedingyear;
2.3 be at least 17 and less than 28 years of age on January 1st in the year of the AUCC(bornfrom 1
st January 1994 to 31
st December 2004). Each federation may enter one (1) team (a combined team or a university team) per gender. Each team consists of four (4) players, and one (1) official as the Head of the Delegation. Forthe team events, each federation may enter at a maximum of one (1) foreign student whodoesn’t hold the citizenship of the Country/Region he/she represents and is eligibleasregulated by Article 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3. The Head of the Delegation will be the SPOC (Single Point of Contact) for the OrganizingCommittee in any communication and discussion. For the individual event, each federation may enter up to four (4) players in the team.

3. Registration

3.1 The entries of AUCC shall be submitted by the National University Sports FederationsinAsia and the players shall be registered by their respective National Chess Federations. Noregistration/participation fee is required for this event. To complete the registration, all required materials must be sent to the Organizing Committee, and copied to AUSF (ausf@ausf.org) no later than:
 17th September — General Entry Form
 17th October — Quantitative Entry Form
 17th November — Individual Entry, Academic Eligibility and Information Collectionform, a valid passport or ID copy (with English translation)

4. Tournament Regulations

4.1. The tournament will take place on Tornelo platform. The use of Zoomis mandatoryforall players during all games. The Organizing Committee will set up the platforms foreach match with the supervision of arbiters. 4.2. Players may go to toilet between rounds and should be ready for the next round, returntotheir seat and wait for the Arbiter to start the round. Each round shall start after postingof pairings on signal by the Chief Arbiter. 4.3. Instructions to Players shall be provided for the online platform. Please do not playunofficial games in between rounds during the tournament. 5. System of Play
The tournament shall be run as 9-round tournaments for Men and for Women using the SwissSystem. Players from the same team will not be paired together. If there are few teams in the women’s group, that group shall be merged and the awardgivento the best team of that group.





For other information, please contact
Organizing Committee:
Mr. Amir Erfan Hashemi
Email: a_e_hashemi@yahoo.com/ Irannusf@yahoo.com
Contact Person: Ms. Khatereh Azizi
Tel: +982188915251-3
Asian University Sports Federation:
Mr. Yang Yi, Email: ausf@ausf.org
Tel: +86-10-66093760
Asian Chess Federation:
Mr. Casto Abundo
Email: casto.abundo@gmail.com
Tel: +971-50-3544938