«Djenovici –Open GM tournament» 27.12.2022-4.01.2023.

«Djenovici –Open GM tournament» is Swiss pairings GM tournament with 40-42 players (7-8 grandmaster players) in Djenovici, Herceg Novi, Montenegro (Europe). The tournament lasts 9 days, 9 rounds, each day one game. It is suitable for players who want to achieve GM, IM, WGM, WIM norms or /and ELO -rating points.

This tournament can be especially interesting for players who have two norms, either for the IM or GM title, they need one open tournament of at least 40 players, so I hope that this tournament will be attractive to them.

The tournament will be played ih hotel «Sun Village» in Djenovici 27.12.2022-4.01.2023.

Players who are interested to play on this open GM tournament can inform me on viber +382 67 301 030 or mail tomicvd@t-com.me or using Facebook inbox so I can register them on time (the number of players is limited on 42).

FM Goran Tomic, IO
+382 67 301 030 (Viber, WhatsApp)