«Belt and Road» 2024 China

«Belt and Road» 2024 China (Yuecheng Shaoxing) International Women Chess Open

«The Belt and Road» 2024 China (Yuecheng Shaoxing)
International Women Chess Open

The prize money are all before tax and the total prize money is $119000

Ⅰ. Sponsor:

Board and Card Games Administrative Center of the General
Administration of Sport of China
Chinese Chess Association
Shaoxing City People’s Government of Yuecheng

Ⅱ. Organizer:

Zhejiang Intellectual Sports Management Center
Shaoxing Yuecheng Education and Sports Bureau

Ⅲ. Co-organiser:

Shaoxing City Chess Association
Shaoxing Yuecheng Chess Association
Shaoxing City Yuecheng District Tashan Sub-district Office
Shaoxing Tashan Primary School
Shaoxing Peixin Primary School

Ⅳ. Competition Date and Location:

Date: July 23 — August 3, 2024
Location: Shaoxing Xianheng Grand Hotel, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing,
Zhejiang Province (No. 680, Jiefang South Road)

Ⅴ.Competition Event

Chess individual competition
Ⅵ.Eligibility of Participants
Women players with FIDE rating of 2000 or more in the month when the
regulations is announced can register for the competition.


Official Registration

Email: 2647506476@qq.com

Contact person:

Contact person: Mr. Wang
Tel: +86 15355500656