Western Asia Junior Chess Championship

Western Asia Chess Championship 2022 — O20 — Rapid

Western Asia Chess Championship 2022 — G20 — Rapid

Western Asia Chess Championship 2022 — O20 — Standard

Western Asia Chess Championship 2022 — G20 — Standard

Western Asia Junior Chess Championship

5-15 September 2022

Korumdu, Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan

Онлайн трансляция партии Western Asia Junior Chess Championship — U20

The Kyrgyzstan Chess Federation (Kyrgyz Chess Union), under the auspices of the Asian
Chess Federation and FIDE, invites national chess federations in the region to participate in
the Western Asia Juniors and Girls Chess Championship and Western Asian Juniors and
Girls Rapid and Blitz Championships, which will be held in Korumdu, Issyk-Kul,
Kyrgyzstan. This event will be held from 5th September (arrival) and 15th September


1. Entitled to participate are chess players from Western Asia federations (Zones 3.1, 3.2, 3.4
and 3.7). The participant must not have reached his 20th birthday before January 1st 2022.
1.1 Each Western Asia federations can register only one official Player in each category
(maximum of 2 official players). The Organizer shall provide free board and lodging at the
official hotel to one player in each category per Federation on double or triple sharing basis.

1.2 Each Western Asia Federations may register any number of additional players to
participate in the U-20 championship for Boys and Girls and any number of accompanying
persons but only upon confirmation of availability by the OC. The national federation shall
be responsible for the costs of their additional players and accompanying persons.
1.3 In case there are fewer than ten girls and five federations, that group shall be merged with
the boys. Titles can be awarded to the best player(s) of the subgroups, provided the subgroup
has at least 6 participants from at least 3 federations and the player scores a minimum of 50%
in played games over the full number of rounds.

Registration and Entry Fee

8.1 The registration form must be filled by National Chess Federation officials and delivered
to the OC before the registration deadline.
8.2 Each participant shall register to OC by the 22nd August 2022, which is the
Registration deadline. The participant must pay a registration fee, which is compulsory and
represents a confirmation of participation and includes accreditation and transportation from
and to Manas International Airport and the official hotel.
Please submit registration form and passport copy by deadline date.

8.3 A registration fee to the Organizing Committee of US$100 is required for each player
and accompanying person. An entry fee of $75 is required for the first player and $150 for
each additional player. This must be paid to the Organizing Committee at the moment of
registration. All fees must be paid by 22nd August 2022.
8.4 The OC reserves the rights to refuse or decline a late registration, or accepting if there is
availability with a penalty of USD 50 for each entry.
8.5 All players and participants of event should stay at the official hotel – “Solemar”. 50%
(fifty percent) of prepayment of the cost for board and lodging for the additional players and
accompanying persons (hotel at full board basis) must be paid by the deadline of 22nd August.

Venue & Hotel – Board & Lodging

6.1 The Official Hotel (3 stars) is Solemar Recreation Center. The Official Venue is the
Solemar arena.
6.2 Federations should book through the Organizing Committee. Selection will be done by
the OC on first come first served basis.
6.3 Official players and one HOD are offered full board accommodation from 5th
September 2022 (arrival) to 15th September 2022 (departure). Any additional dates
will be charged at full rate of the hotel subject to availability. Hotel Rates for
additional players and accompanying persons on full board basis are as below:


SINGLE USD 65 per person per night
DOUBLE USD 55 per person per night
TRIPLE USD 45 per person per night


Those who need visas should apply at the Kyrgyzstan consulate in their area. For assistance,
please contact the Kyrgyzstan Chess Federation (Kyrgyz Chess Union):
Medina Zhumashova — medina.zhumashova@gmail.com /+996 707 064 000 (WhatsApp)


Registration Form


Asian Chess Federation: Casto Abundo
Email: asianchessfederation@yahoo.com
Chief Organizer: Talapker, Damir
Email: damir.talapker@gmail.com
Assistant of Chief Organizer: Medina, Zhumashova
Email: medina.zhumashova@gmail.com
WhatsApp: +996 707 064 000