Sharjah Masters International 2021

4th Sharjah Masters International – 2021

Under the Patronage of H.H. Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammad Al Qasimi Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah
4th Sharjah Masters International – 2021


The Sharjah Cultural & Chess Club (SCCC) is pleased to invite you to participate in the 4th Sharjah Masters 2021, which will be held at the Club’s premises, from September 16th (Arrival) to 26th (Departure).

Participation & Registration

The event will be held as an Invitational Tournament, with (maximum) 80 players of FIDE Standard Rating of 2300 and above, as of September 2021 FIDE Rating List (Standard).
Out of these 80 players the 60 will be selected by the middle of August 2021 (after relative Application) and the rest 20 will be given Wild Card participation permission.
The highest rated player per federation will be invited to participate, after Application. Priority will be given to higher (over-the-board) titles and ratings. Exceptions can be given to the Wild Cards.
All participating Players and Accompanying Persons are obliged to fully comply with the Rules and Regulations of the Tournament, the Organisi-ng Committee & the United Arab Emirates.

All event’s participants must present a Vaccination Certificate (pre-send by e-mail). The UAE’s Approved & Accepted vaccines are Sinopharm, Pfizer-BioNTech, Sputnik-V and Oxford-AstraZeneca.

FIDE Name & FIDE-ID must be mentioned in any communication or Bank Transfer.

Any participation’s Application must be pre-approved. The Organising Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any participant’s application according to FIDE Rules and Regulations, the UAE Laws and Health Reasons, or, finally, a Force Majeure.

All Applications will be closed on August 15th (24:00 UAE Time) and only an online one is accepted via the tournament’s official e-mail, which is


The tournament will be held as a 9-round Swiss System Type, with a Standard Time Control of a total of ninety (90) minutes & thirty (30) seconds increment per move starting from move one (1), for each player.
Delay Time will be on thirty (30) minutes.
The Playing Hall will be at Sharjah Cultural & Chess Club (Sharjah, UAE) premises.
* The tournament will be FIDE Rated (Standard Rating List).

Invited Players & Arbiters

The Organising Committee, taking into reference the Standard FIDE Rating List of September 2021 and prior Application & Approval, shall provide:
○ GMs rated 2700+: Single-room accommodation with full board.

○ GMs rated 2650+: Shared double-room accommodation with full board.

○ Expected Hotel Departure will be on September 26th, 2021 before 12:00 noon. Late departure charges are to be borne by the participant.

If a Player or Arbiter is given any of the above privileges, the Organising Committee will contact him/her directly with an official form to be signed and returned as instructed, via the official e-mail (shjchessmasters
The invited Players & Arbiters are also entitled to:
○ To and From the SCCC premises to the official Hotel (daily).

○ From and To Dubai (Terminals 1-2-3) or Sharjah airports to the official Hotel.

The deadline for any Application is by August 15th.

Arbitration & Appeals Committee

The SCCC, in consultation with the UAE Chess Federation, shall nominate the Chief Arbiter and the Arbiters.
In the Technical Meeting an Appeals Committee of five persons (three regular and two substitutes) will be selected.
Appeals against decisions of the Chief Arbiter and/or the Arbiters must be submitted in written and signed form to the Chairman of the Appeals Committee within one hour after the completion of the playing session.
An Appeal shall be submitted with an accompa-nying fee of USD 100 or its equivalent in the local currency.
If the Appeal is accepted, the above fee will be returned; otherwise, it shall be forfeited to the Organising Committee.

Dress-Code & Forbidden Items

All participants are obliged to follow the dress code of business casual or elegant casual, with no shorts, slippers, etc.
Any electronic equipment (computers, cameras, mobile phones, tablets, hand-watches, pencils, etc.) is strictly forbidden in the Playing Hall, as per FIDE Handbook.

Awards & Prizes

Awards & Prizes will be distributed according to the following table.
Note that the total prizes for both tournaments – Masters & Challengers, (cups, medals, diplomas and cash prizes) will be in total of USD 60.000. Cash Prizes will not be shared, but awarded by points, match or tie-break criteria, as per Article 8.

Scoring System & Tie-Breaks

Pairings will be made by the Swiss Manager Program.

Point system will be in force as the first scoring criteria:

○ 1 for a win.○ ½ for a draw.○ 0 for a lose.
The tie-break criteria will be (by order):
○ Direct Encounter.

○ Buchholz-cut1.

○ Buchholz-cut2.

○ Highest Number of Wins with black (played).

○ Rating Performance.

Winners are obliged to attend the Closing Ceremony in order to receive awards & prizes.

UAE Visa

A UAE Entry Visa can be obtained upon request (Application), by August 30th.
A digital Passport Copy (JPEG – scanned & Coloured) and a Face-photo (JPEG – scanned & Coloured) should be sent to the event’s e-mail
Entry Visa for the invited players is free.
Coaches & Accompanying Persons: USD 100.
All Visa Fees for Coaches & Accompanying Persons must be paid in advance (net – Bank Expenses on the Sender) in the SCCC Bank Account.
Entry Visas to the UAE will be issued for the eligible Participants Coaches & Accompanying Persons and will be valid for thirty (30) days from the date of arrival.
All Visa Applications are subject to the approval of the UAE General Directorate of Residency & Foreigner Affairs.
All Visa Application fees are non-refundable.
Please check the requirements of Visa via the following link:

Entry Fees

The entry fees will be as following, as per title and FIDE rating (Standard FIDE-FRL) of September 2021:
GMs & WGMs: USD 0.
Rating 2600 and above: USD 0.
Rating 2500-2600: USD 150.
Rating 2400-2500: USD 200.
Rating 2300-2400: USD 250.

SCCC Bank Account

All Payments should be made to the SCCC Bank Account (net of Bank expenses).
Payments (net) should be made directly to Sharjah Cultural & Chess Club’s Bank Account (net – Bank transfer expenses must be on the Sender).
Bank: Sharjah Islamic Bank – Sharjah

Beneficiary : Sharjah Cultural&chess Club

IBAN: AE490410000012095122001

Account No. : 0012095122001

Beneficiary SIB – SWIFT : NBSHAEAS

Hotel Accommodation

All Invited Participants will stay in the official tournament Hotel. Other Players, Coaches and Accompanying Persons will have a free choice of their accommodation.
The 3* Hotel Centro Rotana Sharjah ( – Al Dhaid Road, E88 – Sharjah – UAE – Phone 00971-06-5088000), will be the official Hotel of the tournament.
The accommodation offer of the tournament is as following:


○ Single Room USD 110/night, Full Board.

○ Double Room USD 160/night, Full Board.

Transportation will be only provided if accommodation is booked via the Organising Committee:
○ To and From the SCCC premises to the official Hotel (daily).

○ From and To Dubai (Terminals 1-2-3) or Sharjah airports to the official Hotel.

The Invited Arbiters, are also entitled to the above privileges.

Force Majeure

The Sharjah Cultural & Chess Club & the Organising Committee are baring no responsibility in case of a Force Majeure which might cancel or postpone the event.


Technical Director IM,FT Omar Noaman Al Ali
Mobile +971563636386
General Coordinator IA/IO Rajai Al Susi
Assistant Coordinator GM/FST/IA/IO Efstratios Grivas
WhatsApp +306936888163 — Mobile +971551880025.