Katara International Chess Tournament 2021

Katara International Chess Tournament 2021
Online Bullet Tournament 20 -23 June 2021

«Chess is a game which connects us, unites us, makes us feel like one family, one community, one planet. »
QCA in collaboration with the Cultural Village Foundation — Katara, invites you and all chess enthusiasts
to join and participate in the “Katara International Chess Tournament 2021” Online Bullet Tournament.

Total Prize Fund: 12,800 $
Final Winner 4000 $

*Qualifying Stage – 90’ Arena sessions

— The qualifying stage consists in two independent Arena Bullet qualifying sessions of 90 min each.
— Top 7 players from each qualifying session qualify for the Katara Bullet Finals.
— Players are free to join one or two Katara Arenas (A, B) to qualify for the Finals.
— Players may play in both Katara Arenas (A & B) if they wish so.
— In case a player reaches the top 7 in 2 qualifying sessions, the session where he reached the highest final ranking
will be kept and his other results will be disregarded.
To register to any of the qualifying sessions, a participant must have played at least 30 rated games on lichess.
— Every participant in any Arena must fill up the following online form:
Bullet Arena «A» link: https://lichess.org/tournament/Ngmvodax
Bullet Arena «B» link: https://lichess.org/tournament/7ZgLcxdF
*Katara Online Bullet Finals
— The Katara Online Bullet Finals consist in a 16-player knock out session.
— Every one-to-one Match shall be played in 12 games of Bullet Chess.
— The Match is won once a player scores 6.5 points. In case of a draw score 6-6, players shall play up to the first win.

Rules & Regulations:


— Katara qualifying stage: 20th June 2021
— Katara finals: 23rd June 2021

Admission: Open for all + No entry fee.

Online playing platform: lichess.org

If you are new to Lichess, we suggest you become familiar with the Arena format.
Read Lichess’s Arena FAQ here: https://lichess.org/tournament/help?system=arena
Time Control: (Bullet) 1min per game without increment for each player.

Tournament Duration:

— Each Katara Arena qualifying session lasts 90min.
— The Katara Online Bullet Finals will be in 4 rounds, qualifying the winner of each match to the next round.

Fair Play:

Qatar Chess Association has taken several measures to ensure clean and fair play system for all participants.
QCA reserves the right to BAN x-player from taking part in any future tournament hosted by QCA and declare
his name in public if x-player turn out to be cheating or using any external assistance like chess engines during
the tournament.
If your lichess account is further convicted of fair-play violations, your account will be closed, and you will be
subjected to lichess private proceedings. You can find more information about this on: lichess.org/faq


Arbiters Team:
Chief Arbiter – IA Freyd, Laurent (FRA)
IA Baralic, Nebojsa (SRB)
IA Srebrnic, Ana (SLO)
Tournament Director: +974 30006260