GM & IM Round Robin tournament. Pozarevac, Serbia

GM & IM Round Robin tournament

1. Hotel “ Dunav” and Chess club “ Rudar” organize round robin tournaments from June 2nd – June 9th, and June 10th — 18th in hotel “ Dunav” in Pozarevac, Serbia. In June 12 will be free day, because we organize Bora Beka rapid tournament in Kostolac, 12 km near Pozarevac.

2. Each tournament will have 10 participants and 9 rounds played. Time control is 90 minutes for 40 moves plus 15 minutes to the end of the game with 30 seconds increment, starting with move one.

3. Organizers will provide necessary structure of participants and chess equipment for each event and rating average of IM tournament.

4. Drawing of lots procedure and technical meeting will take place in the playing venue of the hotel” Dunav” at 12:00 on June 2nd , June 10 th for RR tournaments.

5. Accommodation for all participants is supposed to be in Hotel “Dunav” Pozarevac. For discounted prices and special offers, please contact the organizer. Participants are not obliged to be accommodated in official hotel, but if they want to use accommodation on their own, there is additional 50 EUR entry fee.

6. Entry fee for participating depends on a player’s rating (June 1st FRL is valid)
On request organizer can offer individual or group transfer to any locations.

7. In a case of not enough registered players, organizer is allowed to merge tournaments, change number of rounds, tournament schedule or even to cancel any or both tournament at any moment before its start.

8.For all further information about these tournaments and for accommodation reservation, please contact the organizer: Maksimovic Boban +381600711006 ( Viber, WhatsApp) or email: