Alone / Together

Online Chess Tournament on Friday 29nd May

«Chess is a game which connects us, unites us, makes us feel like one family, one community, one planet.»
FIDE President, Arkady Dvorkovich

QCA in collaboration with AAB, invites you and all chess enthusiasts to #CheckmateCoronavirus together
and participate in the “Alone/Together” Online Chess Tournament. The tournament will be played in 36
rounds of Bullet Chess on, which is going to kick off on Friday 29nd May . The Player who gets the most points after 36 rounds of play will be declared the Winner.


1st Place – Winner 300 $
2nd Place 200 $
3rd Place 100 $
4th Place 50 $
5th Place 50 $

Best Female 100 $
Best Resident – 1st prize 100 $
Best Resident – 2nd prize 75 $
Best Resident – 3rd prize 50 $
Best Qatari Male 100 $
Best Qatari Female 100 $
Best Qatari U20 50 $
Best Qatari U14 50 $
Best Qatari U12 50 $


— No prize sharing.
— Prizes will be received through Bank-Transfer.
— Prize must be claimed within 24 hours, after that no claim will be entertained.
— To claim a prize, contact the Tournament Director at the following number: +974 30006260

Rules & Regulations:

Admission: Open for all & Free of charge
Date & Time: Friday 29nd May
Where? On
If you are new to Lichess or not familiar with the Swiss System format at Lichess, we suggest you become familiar
with it by visiting the following page:
Time Control: (Bullet) 1min + 1sec/move, 36 rounds, Swiss System.
Score Calculation: A win is worth one point, a draw is a half point, and a loss is zero points. When a player
can’t be paired during a round, they receive a «bye» which worth one point.
How is the winner decided?
The player(s) with the most points at the conclusion of the tournament will be announced winner(s). When
two or more players have the same number of points, Sonneborn–Berger score will be the tie break. Results
and winners’ names will be published after the final report.
Fair Play:
Qatar Chess Association has taken several measures to ensure clean and fair play system for all participants.
QCA reservesthe right to BAN x-player from taking part in any future tournament hosted by QCA if x-player turn
out to be cheating or using any external assistance like chess engines during the tournament.
If your lichess account is further convicted of fair-play violations, your account will be closed, and you will be
subjected to lichess private proceedings. You can find more information about this on:

Registration Steps:

1- Create an account on lichess if you don’t have one.
2- Join QCA Team in Lichess here:
3- Open the following link:
4- Click » Join »
For more information: +974 30006260