2023 FIDE Laws of Chess published

During the last days of the year, the FIDE Rules Commission completed the administrative check on the 2023 Laws of Chess, which were approved at the 93rd FIDE General Assembly in Chennai, India, and came into force on January 1, 2023. The final reviewed version is now available in chapter E012023 of the FIDE Handbook. This English text is the authentic version of the Laws of Chess, and translations to other languages are now being prepared.

The main novelty (12.2.7) is that the penalty in rapid games is now reduced to one minute from two minutes in the previous version.

The new version also includes a mention of FIDE certified «electronic scoresheet» (, which introduction was approved by FIDE in February 2022.

No other rules were amended during this check, and most changes are purely editorial, consisting of correcting typos and adjusting the numbering of chapters and sections.

Following a process that FIDE has applied to all its body of documentation, pronouns were changed from «he» to «he/she». By now, almost all legacy documents at FIDE have already undergone this indispensable modification to make them inclusive.

The FIDE Rules Commission has published on its website a comprehensive table showing all changes and corrections. You can find it at this link.