We Are Good Together

4hrs Blitz Marathon.

Qatar Chess Association is happy to invite you all to this 4hrs Blitz Marathon. Everybody & Everyone is welcome.

Rules & Regulations:

Admission: Open for all & Free of charge
Date & Time: Friday 24th April at: 9:00 PM
Where? On lichess.org
If you are new to Lichess, we suggest you become familiar with the Arena format.

Read Lichess’s Arena FAQ here: https://lichess.org/tournament/fxFqRfOx

Time Control: 3min only for each side.

Marathon Duration: 4 hours


1st Place: 1000 $
2nd Place: 500 $
3rd Place: 300 $
4th Place: 200 $
5th Place: 100 $
6th Place: 50 $
7th Place: 50 $
8th Place: 50 $
9th Place: 50 $
10th Place: 50 $
Best Female – 1st prize: 300 $
Best Female – 2nd prize: 200 $
Best Female – 3rd prize: 100 $
Best Resident – 1st prize: 200 $
Best Resident – 2nd prize: 150 $
Best Resident – 3rd prize: 100 $
Best Qatari Male: 200 $
Best Qatari Female: 200 $
Best Qatari U20: 100 $
Best Qatari U14: 100 $
Best Qatari U12: 100 $

We believe in Chess as a positive force in connecting people, raising awareness, learning together and encouraging each other most specially during this challenging time globally.
QCA in collaboration with AAB, invites you and all chess enthusiasts to join and participate in the “We Are Good Together” Online Chess Marathon. 
The tournament will be a 4 hours Blitz Chess Marathon which will be played on Lichess starting from 9:00 PM Qatar Time, Friday, 24th April 2020.  The Player who gets the most points after 4 hours of play will be declared the Winner. Participants may play at their own leisure during the 4 hours Marathon.  They can join any time they want and play as much as they want.

“We Are Good Together” is not just a tournament as it also encourages the participants to play for a Cause and give back to their respective communities. 10% of each Prize money will go to support Qatar Charity’s COVID19 programme or any of its global Campaigns upon the Winner’s choice.  Likewise, participants are invited to voluntarily make a donation for the COVID19 Campaign by Qatar Charity or as per their preferred Cause which can be seen on Qatar Charity website through this link:


Together, we will rise through this!


Registration Steps:
1- Create an account on lichess if you don’t have one.
2- Open the following link: https://lichess.org/tournament/fxFqRfOx
3- Click “ Join ”

For more information: +974 30006260