Vugar Gashimov Memorial 2021

VII TOURNAMENT 17 December — 24 December, 2021

I returned to gain the victory!

«I returned to gain the victory», the Azerbaijani grand master Vugar Gashimov said with a smile after his great victory on the 1st stage of the Baku 2008 Grand Prize which was held first time in the International Chess History. This great sound delight was not only about striking victory in chess, but also the triumph over the illness. After all, Vugar Hashimov was diagnosed medically in his childhood and was determined: There would not be any severe mental tension and chess contest.

Even that time – regardless of anything – the highly talented, yet still too young chess player made a descision to challenge with his life, telling words that have turned to be the motto of his short and more apparent life: «I do not imagine my life without a chess».

The name Vugar means Pride in the Azerbaijani language. He was the pride of the World and Azerbaijnai Chess, indeed.


1. Ананд Вишванатан
2. Фабиано Каруана
3. Сергей Карякин
4. Шахрияр Мамедьяров
5. Дэвид Навара
6. Ричард Раппорт
7. Рауф Мамедов
8. Вугар Асадлы