1.- The tournament will use the Swiss 10-round system, it will take place from the 5th to the 14th of July 2023.

2.- The game venue will be the sports hall of Benasque (PABELLÓN POLIDEPORTIVO DE BENASQUE)

The official venue of the tournament will be the Hotel SOMMOS Aneto.

On the 7th day two rounds will be played: (a morning session at 09:30h and an afternoon session at 16:00h).

Tuesday 11th will be a day off at the tournament.

4.- The game pace will be of 90 minutes + 30 seconds of cumulative increase for each move starting from the first move.

Players will be able to request days off. In this case, the player will not be paired for the requested round, and will get zero points.

Days off for rounds 1st and 2nd will have to be requested before the 1st round. For the rest of rounds, days off will have to be requested 4 hours before of the game, previous to the request round. (13.30 in the morning round or 20.00 in the afternoon round)

5.- The clocks will start at the indicated time for the beginning of each round. After 15 minutes of waiting from the starting time of the round, the player who does not appear before the chessboard will lose the game. On the first round a maximum delay of one hour will be allowed.

6.- The Spanish players must have a valid FEDA license. All the players must have a FIDE code, without which, they will not be able to participate in the tournament.

7.- The first 10 boards will be broadcast online with a starting broadcast time delay decided by the Organisation.

8.- By municipal order of the Government of Aragon, it is strictly prohibited to enter any type of drink or food in the game room, in this case, the sports hall of Benasque.

9.- Players will not be allowed to leave the game room without the referee’s permission.

10.- The game pairings for the first round will be published 4 hours before the start of the first round. For the following rounds, the lists with the game pairings will be exposed, as soon as possible, in the Hotel Sommos Aneto, as well as in the game room in the Sports Hall. The game pairings will be definitive six hours before the start of the round. All the information related to the tournament will be published on the internet on the page:

11.- The registration fee will be paid to the Organisation in Benasque from the 3rd to the 6th of July, via POS system (credit card or transfer to a provided, by the Organisation, bank account).

The registration fee payment will imply the authorisation to the Organisation of the use of the players’ personal data for advertising, organisational, photographic or broadcasting purposes.

12.- General registration fee: 50 euros.

Players born in 2009 or after: 40 euros

Players with Elo Fide + 2400 – Free registration fee.

Registration deadline: 3rd of July at 24.00.

According to the Government of Aragon regulations required at the time, only the first 500, or more, registrations will be admitted.

13.- The tournament will be valid for obtaining International ratings as well as for FIDE and FEDA Evaluations.

14.- It will not be allowed to carry a mobile phone or any

other electronic or assistive device inside the game

room, even if they are turned off. Chess regulations articles 11.3.1; 11.3.2 y 11.3.3 Chess Regulations will result in automatic elimination from the tournament, losing all the rights, including prizes.

Frequency inhibitors will be installed in the game room, and random checks will be performed using security detectors, anywhere in the game room, including the toilet and the smoking areas, and especially at the entrance to the game room.

The anti-cheating FIDE regulations will be applied, so controls can be done at any time during the tournament.

15.- The Organisation reserves the right of admission to participate in the tournament.

16.- Participants authorise the publication of their data in the different media that the Organisation considers appropriate for the broadcast of the event.

Participants will need to have their own medical assistance coverage during the tournament, as the Organisation is not responsible for it.

17.- The payment of the economic prizes will be made by bank transfer to the bank account provided by the winners on the last game round (14th of July) during the closing ceremony of the Tournament.

The attendance at the closing ceremony is mandatory for all the winning players.

Players who win cash prizes must present the form provided by the Organisation at the time of the confirmation of their registration (document form for third parties). Without this document, the economic prizes will not be paid. A photocopy of the passport or identity card (ID) must be attached.

18.- This tournament will be governed by the above rules, the Chess Regulations and for those of the current FEDA and FIDE regulations. All the participants will be bound by all these rules during the development of the competition as well as by the Government of Aragon current health regulations.

19. The definite rules will be published in the game room, in Spanish. Participation in the tournament implies acceptance of these rules.


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