Shaastra IIT Madras Online Blitz Chess Tournament

Shaastra, IIT Madras is back with the Online Blitz Open Chess Championship after 4 full successful editions of Rapid rated tournaments which saw a worldwide participation of 450+ including 20+ titled players in each. Owing to the pandemic, we have decided to go online with a shorter format this time. The tournament has a total cash prize of INR 75000 along with other goodies. Don’t miss the chance to participate in the largest online blitz tournament of the year!

Schedule and Format of the Tournament:

Date: 27th February
Time: 4 pm — 7 pm
Style: Blitz — 3 min + 1 sec
Format: Swiss Format, 12 rounds


Cash prizes of 74,000 INR + Goodies


1st place — 15000 INR
2nd place — 10000 INR
3rd place — 7000 INR
4th place 5000 INR
5th place- 3000 INR
6-8th place- 1500 INR
9-13th place- 1250 INR
14-18th place- 1000 INR
19-23th place — 700 INR

Rules and Regulations

Participants need to be ready at least 15 minutes before the start of 1st Round (i.e. 3:45 pm).
The link to the online tournament will be shared with the participants 24 hrs before the start of the tournament.
This competition will be in Swiss Format and the time limit is 3 min + 1 sec. There will be a total of 12 rounds in this competition.
In the case of any dispute during the tournament, the organizers have the final say.
The organizers are not responsible for any technical issues faced by the participant, and the participant will not be given any second chances in the case he/she faces technical issues.
The participant must have an active account. In the case that the participant’s account is disabled or banned, the participant will be disqualified.
Strict anti-cheat checks will be performed in the background during the tournament. In the case that a participant is found to be cheating, he/she will be immediately disqualified.
This is an unrated tournament, which means your rating will not be affected by any wins/losses faced in the tournament.

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