The Saint Louis Chess Club has announced their 2023 tournament calendar that will include national, international, and local tournament opportunities for spectators and chess players alike.

Below, you will find a table of invitational tournament dates scheduled for this year. All in-person tournaments will comply with all applicable COVID-19 guidelines and may still be subject to change.

2023 Tournament Calendar

Saint Louis Super Swiss March 11 — March 19

American Cup March 16 — March 26

Spring Chess Classic April 1 — April 10

Cairns Cup June 1 — June 13

U.S. Junior, Girls & Senior Championships July 14 — July 26

Summer Chess Classic August 1 — August 11

Saint Louis Norm Invitational August 14 — August 20

Champions Showdown: Chess 9LX September 7 — 10

U.S. & U.S. Women’s Championships October 4 — October 18

Grand Chess Tour: Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz November 11 — November 19

Grand Chess Tour: Sinquefield Cup November 19 — December 3

Winter Chess Classic December 1 — December 11

The Saint Louis Chess Club plans to host their usual bout of major tournaments in 2023 along with continuing to provide their in-person weekly classes & lectures and in-person open tournaments. There will be a rotating schedule of Resident Grandmasters each month along with online and in-person scholastic tournaments and online Scouts BSA Chess Merit Badge workshops scheduled throughout the year.

For more information, contact:

Rebecca Buffington

Saint Louis Chess Club

(314) 277-3930