Proposal: World Open Circuit

Dear Colleagues,

In this article we’d like to inform you about a proposal that we have been working on for some time.

The chess pyramid is structured in such a way that the vast majority of the players play in open tournaments. However, these tournaments are disconnected from the World Championship cycle, thus creating two parallel realities — it’s as if the World Championship cycle is for the selected few who qualify via very narrow and strict paths — the continental championships, which are expensive and therefore not eligible for all.

We want to change that. We want the opens to form part of the World Championship cycle.

We came up with a proposal for creation of a World Open Circuit where the open tournaments in the whole world will form part of the World Championship cycle.

We want all chess players in the world to feel part of the big chess family, to be able to say gens una sumus and feel proud to play in the same cycle as the best players in the world.

We would like to ask for the support of the chess public for this proposal so that we can ask FIDE to accept it. In a few days we will send out a poll and if you agree with this proposal please vote and show your support. This is our chance to change the chess world for the better in a democratic way!


ACP Board