GAMMA Reykjavík Open 2020

April 17th — 24th 2020

Following negotiations with the playing venue of Harpa we can happily announce that the dates are set for the 2020 edition of the Reykjavik Open!


Without further ado, if you want to play the dates you have to reserve are April 17th-24th 2020! The 1st round is on the 17th and there will be double rounds on the 18th and the 20th and we are moving back to 10 rounds which especially facilitates better norm chances.

17-Apr-2020 Friday GAMMA Reykjavíkurskákmótið, 1. umferð 1500
18-Apr-2020 Saturday GAMMA Reykjavíkurskákmótið, 2. og 3. umf. 0900 and 1700
19-Apr-2020 Sunday GAMMA Reykjavíkurskákmótið, 4. umferð 1500
20-Apr-2020 Monday GAMMA Reykjavíkurskákmótið, 5. og 6. umf. 0900 and 1700
21-Apr-2020 Tuesday GAMMA Reykjavíkurskákmótið, 7. umferð 1500
22-Apr-2020 Wednesday GAMMA Reykjavíkurskákmótið, 8. umferð 1500
23-Apr-2020 Thursday GAMMA Reykjavíkurskákmótið, 9. umferð 1500
24-Apr-2020 Friday GAMMA Reykjavíkurskákmótið, 10. umferð 1100


Registration on site is planned April 16th 17-19 and 17th between 10-11

The time of the rounds is subject to change depending on scheduling conflicts inside the Harpa but the dates are fully set!

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