FIDE Online Chess Olympiad for People with Disabilities

61 teams register for the Online Olympiad for People with Disabilities

The first FIDE Online Chess Olympiad for People with Disabilities is set for a great start, with 61 registered teams from 45 different countries. The event will take place from November 20 to December 3, and will consist of two stages. The first one is a 7 round Swiss System, from which the best 4 teams will qualify to play a double-round semifinal (November 29-30). The two best teams will advance to the finals, while the two others will compete for third prize. The final has been purposely scheduled for December 3, the date of significant importance: in 1992, it was established by the United Nations as the «International Day of Persons with Disabilities» (IDPWD).


1 FM Soltanov Serik 2266 KAZ
2 Kozhabekov Adilkhan 2080 KAZ
3 Maikenov Bakytzhan 1937 KAZ
4 Zhukovskaya Nina 1475 KAZ
5 Saulembekov Adil 1919 KAZ
6 Nuserova Almash 1245 KAZ
7 Nessipzhan Laili 1174 KAZ

The complete list can be found at Chess-Results.

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