European Chess Union: Press release – #Ukraine

Following the invasion of the sovereign state of Ukraine by the Russian army on February 24, the humanitarian crisis and the consequences for sports and chess events, the Board of ECU will hold an extraordinary meeting on Thursday, March 03, to assess the situation and decide on various measures.

Any European national federation wishing to submit a proposal or statement can send it to the secretariat of ECU by Wednesday, March 2, to be included in the agenda of the board.

The first action to be initiated as of today is the coordination of any assistance that can be provided to the Ukrainian chess community and players.
ECU is setting up a special communication channel between any person or entity willing to help and the Ukrainian Chess Federation or the players. Please contact ECU through its secretariat or social media. For this purpose, the special hashtag #supportUkraineChess has been established.

As a first symbolic step, the European Chess Union is waiving all ECU fees for Ukrainian players who will participate in the 2022 European Championships, starting with the European Individual Chess Championship, which begins on March 27.