14 Juin 2020

Djerba Women Online Open Finals

Djerba Women Online open

It is with great pleasure that we organize an online chess tournament reserved for women. Our goal is to promote chess among women in the Arab world and in Africa.

Date: Dimanche 14 Juin 2020 à 19h00 (Paris, GMT+2)
Site: Lichess.org
Time Control: 3 Min.
Système: Suisse
Rounds : 17
Prix : 2000 $

1er. 400$
2ème 250$
3ème 150$
4ème 100$
5ème 50$
6ème 50$

1st. Best Place African player 300$
2nd. Best Place African player 150$
3rd. Best Place African player 50$
1st. Best Arab player 300$
2nd. Best Arab player 150$
3rd. Best Arab player 50$

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Djerba Women Online open (chess-results)


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