Asian Juniors and Girls Chess Championships. Tagaytay City, Philippines

Asian Juniors Chess Championship 2022

Asian Girls Chess Championship 2022

Asian Juniors and Girls Chess Championships
17-26 November 2022
Tagaytay City, Philippines


1. Invitation

The National Chess Federation of the Philippines, under the auspices of the Asian Chess Federation
and FIDE, in cooperation with the Philippine Sports Commission and the City of Tagaytay, has the
honor to invite all Asian National Chess Federations affiliated to FIDE to participate in the Asian
Junior & Girls Chess Championships scheduled 17-26 November 2022 in Tagaytay City, Philippines.

2. Participation

2.1 Invited Players — Each National Federation can enter one (1) player each in the Open and Girls
Categories, for a maximum of two (2) invited players.
2.2 The players placed 1-3 in the Asian Junior Open & Girls Championship-2021 and the Asian Open and
Girls Under-18 Champions of 2021 will have personal right and will be accepted as official players if
they fulfil the condition of Article 2.4.
2.3 Additional Players –Additional (extra) players can also be registered in each category by each National
Federation at their own expense.
2.4 The players should be below the age of 20 years on or before 1st January 2022 and from a Federation
in Zones 3.1 to 3.7.

3. Registration

3.1 At least one month (17 October 2022) before the beginning of the Championship, National
Federations should submit their Registration forms. This date is the registration deadline. Late
registration shall bear a fine of $50.
3.2 A digital scan of the passport and ID photo of each player and each accompanying person must be
sent by email to the Organizing Committee.
3.3 All travel expenses must be paid by the participants or their National Federation.
3.4 Every participant (invited, extra or by personal right) and every accompanying person has to pay to
the organizers the amount of $100 registration fee.
3.5 The above amount of $100 includes accreditation and transport from Ninoy Aquino International
Airport in Manila to the official hotel and back to airport.

4. Entry Fees

4.1 In accordance with ACF regulations an entry fee of $75 is required for each invited player. Their
National Federation must pay this amount to the Organizing Committee by 17 October 2022.
4.2 For each additional (extra) player, an entry fee of $150 is required. Their National Federation must
also pay this amount directly to the Organizing Committee by 17 October 2022.

5. Schedule

17 November, Thursday Arrival
18 November, Friday 09:00 Technical Meeting
10:00 Opening Ceremony and
Rapid Chess Championship
19 November, Saturday 09:00 Round 1
20 November, Sunday 09:00 Round 2
15:00 Round 3
21 November, Monday 09:00 Round 4
22 November, Tuesday 09:00 Round 5
15:00 Round 6
23 November, Wednesday 09:00 Round 7
24 November, Thursday 09:00 Round 8
25 November, Friday 09:00 Round 9
15:00 Blitz Chess Championship
19:00 Closing Ceremony
26 November, Saturday Before 12:00 Departure

6. Playing Conditions

6.1 Each category shall be conducted in the Swiss System of 9 rounds, using the Swiss Manager
6.2 The time control:
6.2.1 Standard: 90 minutes with an increment of 30 seconds per move from move 1
6.2.2 Rapid: 10 minutes with an increment of 10 seconds per move from move 1
6.2.3 Blitz: 3 minutes with an increment of 2 seconds per move from move 1
6.3 In the last round in standard chess, players from the same federation and who have more than 50%
score shall not be paired to play each other if alternate pairings are available.
6.4 Tie Breaks.
The final ranking order of the players shall be determined by the number of points scored. If at the
end of the tournament, two or more players are tied for the first place or for any prize, the tie shall
be broken according to the following tie breaks in the order below:
a) Buchholz Cut 1
b) Buchholz
c) Direct encounter
d) Average Rating of the Competition (AROC)
e) The greater number of wins including forfeits
f) Sonneborn-Berger

7. Technical Delegate, Chief Arbiter and Appeals

7.1 The Asian Chess Federation President after consultation with the organizing federation will
nominate the Technical Delegate, Chief Arbiter, as well as the necessary assistant arbiters and
other officials.
7.2 The Chairman of the Appeals Committee shall be nominated by the Asian Chess Federation
President in consultation with the organizing federation. The Committee shall be composed of
three members and two reserves, all from different Federations, chosen from among the
representatives of national federations present.
7.3 No member of the committee shall have the right to decide on questions concerning his own
federation. In such cases the member concerned shall have the right only to partake in the
discussions of the committee.
7.4 Protests, including protests against decisions of the Chief Arbiter or his assistants, must be
submitted in writing to the Chief Arbiter within fifteen minutes after completion of the relevant
playing session. A protest shall be submitted with an accompanying fee of $100. If the protest is
upheld, the protest fee will be returned otherwise it shall be forfeited to the organizing federation.
No protests will be entertained for Rapid and Blitz.

8. Prizes

8.1 Trophies, medals and certificates will be awarded to the top 3 players in each category.
8.2 Medals shall be awarded to the best open/girls under-18 and best under-16 if at least three of that
age group participate.
8.3 Direct titles shall be awarded for Standard Chess. In accordance with FIDE regulations, the gold
medalist shall receive a GM/WGM norm. Equal first (best 3 players after tie break) shall receive
the title of IM/WIM, silver and bronze medalists receive IM/WIM norms and FM/WFM titles in
accordance with FIDE title regulations.
8.4 For a direct title to be awarded immediately an applicant has to have achieved at some time or other
a minimum rating as follows: IM 2200, WIM 2000, FM 2100 and WFM 1900.

9. Hotel Accommodation

9.1 All players and accompanying persons should be registered through the organizers at the official
hotel, the Knights Templar Ridge Hotel.
9.2 Full board will be provided to the invited players from noon of 17 Nov (lunch) to 26 Nov (breakfast).
All invited players are accommodated in double rooms only. Anyone needing single rooms should
bear the difference if available.
9.3 All participants and all accompanying persons are obliged to lodge at the official hotel.
9.4 Hotel payments for all extra players and accompanying persons must be made in advance on arrival
in Tagaytay.
9.5 Cost for full board and lodging (with breakfast, lunch & dinner) for extra players and accompanying
persons is $65 per day in double room and $130 per day for single room payable to the Organizing

10. Visa

Check the link of countries with visa-free entry to Philippines. Those who need visas should apply at
the Philippine consulate. Send all passport copies to Organizing Committee before 17 October 2022
to email: with copy to

11. Payments

All payments are to be done to the following Bank account. Bank charges must be paid by sender.
Account name: Tagaytay Chess Club, Inc.
Account number: 152-19-0000382
Name of Bank: Asia United Bank
SWIFT: aubkphmm
Or in Philippines thru GCash: 0933 550 5019 (Susan Grace Neri)

12. Contacts of the Organizing Committee

Asian Chess Federation
Executive Director Casto Abundo,,
Whatsap +971 55 515 4554
Registration/Invitation for Visa Application
National Chess Federation of the Philippines Secretariat
Susan Grace Neri,
Whastap: +63 933 550 5019
Tagaytay Chess Club
Coordinator (Airport reception) Mike Lapitan,
Whatsap +63 917 853 4413
Pairings Committee
Michael Pagaran,
Whatsap +63 927 127 9606


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