Al-Ain Overseas International Chess Festival 2023

Al Ain Overseas International Chess Festival 2023

Al Ain Overseas International Chess Festival 2023 ( Blitz )

Al-Ain Overseas International Chess Festival (Egypt, 27/11 — 3/12/2023)

Al-Ain Chess Club and Adly Chess Academy have the honor to invite you to
participate in Al-Ain Overseas Chess Festival, To be held at hall 4 of Cairo
Stadium in Nasr City.

Playing System & Technical Regulations:

The championship is open for all players.
• 10 rounds Swiss system tournament.
• Rate of play is standard: 90 minutes with an
increment of 30 seconds per move starting
from move one..
• The first round starts at 5:00 pm.
• Registration will be closed upon reaching the
limit of 600 players.
• The Tournament is a FIDE rated event,
in which FIDE laws of standard chess is applied.

• According to FIDE regulations, It is not allowed
to have any electronic devices (Mobiles,
smartwatches, etc..) in the playing hall.
• Prizes will not be shared and will be given as
per the final ranking, Tiebreaks will be applied.
• Tiebreaks are as the FIDE laws and will be
announced before the start of the tournament.
• Tournament Champion will be decided through
blitz sudden death Match after last round in
case of a tie.


The closing ceremony is on the 3rd of December at 09:00 pm.


• Number of players is limited to 600 players.
• Registration is first-come first-served basis.
• The player can’t get 2 prizes, he only receives the higher one and the other prize is given to the
following player on the standings.
• A half point bye is granted to any player upon request for Rounds 2 & 4,
the request should be presented to chief arbiter the day before the round.
• Dress code: All players are required to be decently dressed and therefore shorts, slippers and
revealing attire are not permitted.
• Appeals: Any Appeal is submitted written just after the completion of the respective game
accompanied with the sum of EGP 200. Late appeals will not be accepted and the player loses
his right to Appeal.
• For any inquiries, kindly contact the academy administrators: +201099787127 / +201033117744
• The tournament fees are to be paid either via cash at Adly Chess Academy or via Vodafone
Cash (01022758523) followed by sending proof of payment as a confirmation.
• Deadline for registration is 19th of November or when the limit of 600 players is reached.

Regulations classic

Regulations blitz


Contact the academy administrators: +201099787127 / +201033117744