2nd Sharjah International Cup for Juniors

2nd Sharjah International Cup for Juniors

12th Sharjah International Cup for Women

Chess & Culture Club for Sharjah Women is pleased to invite you to participate at the 2nd Sharjah
International Cup for Juniors which will be held at Sharjah Culture & Chess Club from 8th December

Телеграмм канал турнира : https://t.me/chessacademy_kz

Arrival to 17 th December 2022 Departure.

12th Sharjah Cup (w)

Participants & Registration
• Participation is open for all player (boys & girls) under 14 years old.
• Each player must have valid Fide ID.
• Last day for registration is 1st of Dec 2022
• Registration is only accepted online via the following link: www.shjwomenchess.com , fill the
registration form and attach a passport copy and one personal photo.
• All participating players and accompany persons accept to fully comply with the rules and
regulations of the UAE.
• Entry fees will be $ 30
• Visa fees will be $100
Number of Rounds and Time Control:
• 9 Rounds Swiss System.
• Time Control : 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment per move for the whole game.
• Delay time: 30 Minutes.
Playing Venue:
At Sharjah Culture & Chess Club (Sharjah Hall)