29th World Senior Chess Championship

Bucharest, Romania, 11-24 November 2019

1. Invitation

The World Chess Federation (FIDE) and the Romanian Chess Federation have the honour to
invite all senior women and men throughout the world to participate in the 29th World Senior
Chess Championship (50+ and 65+) organised in Bucharest, Romania, 11th November (arrival)
to 24th November (departure) 2019.

2. Participation

The World Senior Chess Championship is open to all players, regardless of rating and title.
The player must have reached the required age during the year of Competition. and represent
National Chess Federations which are members of FIDE. There is no limit in the number of
participants per federation.
According to the FIDE tournament rules, the Championship will be played in four categories:
age 50+ and 65+, Open and Women.
The top 3 players from the previous edition shall have personal rights to participate. In addition, the
top 3 players from each Continental Senior Championship of the year preceding this edition are
qualified with personal rights and their places cannot be substituted, and will be accepted with free
board and hotel accommodation.

3. Entry fees and registration fees

FIDE entry fee: Each player has to pay to FIDE the amount of 70 EUR as FIDE entry fee.
Organizing fee: Each player has to pay 80 EUR as registration fee for the event. It includes
registration and accreditation and transfer from and to Bucharest Intl. Airport.
FIDE entry fee and registration fee together with the payment for booking must be paid
simultaneously with the application. The payment must be made by bank transfer. Invited players
or their federations will also pay the fees.
The registration period ends on 11th September 2019, after that the FIDE entry fee is 140 EUR
and a Late Registration fee of 20 EUR may be applied.

4. Registration, bookings and payments

All players have to register before 11th September 2019 (registration deadline). The entry form
should be filled out on the official website of the championship.
All players are obliged to be accommodated in the official hotel through the organizer.
Access to playing areas and venues will be allowed only to people accredited by the organizer.

Registration form


World Senior Chess Championship 2019 — M50

World Senior Chess Championship 2019 — M65