XVII International Chess Festival Figueira da Foz


XVII International Chess Festival Figueira da Foz


Sabir Ali Tournament 2023


The tournament will start on November 5th and end on November 12th, 2023.

There will be one session per day. to 5:30 pm, with the exception of November 7th, Tuesday, the day where two rounds will take place, round nº 3 and round nº4, respectively at 10:00 am and 7:00 pm, and in the final round, round nº9, on the 12th, Sunday, which will start at 10:00 am.


Figueira da Foz – All matches will be played at the Sweet Atlantic Hotel or (in the event of any contingency, at a location to be indicated)

The clocks will be started at the time indicated for each round and a player who shows up to play an hour after the session has started will be awarded a no-show.

The exception to this rule occurs in the first round where only players who confirm their presence with the Main Referee will be paired. This confirmation must be in person and the Chief Referee may validate any entry by another means as long as he considers the reason for this confirmation not to be made in person to be justifiable and considers that the player can still arrive before one hour after the start of the session. It will be the referee’s responsibility and discretion to accept this exception and if he does not do so, the rule will apply that the player will not be paired if he has not confirmed his presence in person before the start of this first round.

Any player who does not show up on time for the first session will be excluded from the tournament without being exempt from the registration fee. The Appeals Board will have the responsibility and authority to consider the justification of players who failed to attend the first session for reasons considered to be force majeure.

Special Hygiene and Safety Standards

All hygiene and safety standards required by the DGS for this test will be complied with.

Timetable and System:

S. Swiss. 9 rounds.

Pace: 90 minutes for the first 40 moves + 30 min, with increments of 30 seconds per move from the first move.


The Tournament will feature 8,050 euros in monetary prizes that will be awarded together with the respective trophies and the following criteria:

a) prizes for the top eight in the general classification, respectively from 1st to 12th: €2000, €1250; €850, €550, €400, €350, €300, €250, €200, €150, €130, €120.

extraordinary and cumulative prizes:

1st female €500 + trophy; 2nd female €300; 3rd female €150

1st veteran €300 + trophy; 2nd veteran €150; 3rd veteran €100

All prizes will be awarded on the last day of the Tournament, the time to be indicated after the last session, at the Festival Closing Ceremony, at the Sweet Atlantic Hotel.