World Corporate Chess Championship 2021

First FIDE Online World Corporate Chess Championship announced

The International Chess Federation is pleased to announce the first FIDE World Corporate Chess Championship, which will take place on February 19-21, 2021.

The games will be played online, with designated as the hosting platform. Corporations will be represented by a team of four players, meeting the following conditions:

— At least one of the team members has to be a female player and at least one of the team members has to be a male player.
— Only one player of a professional level (with a FIDE rating of +2500) is allowed per team.
— At least three of the players lined-up in every match have to be full-time employees of the company.

The event will be played entirely online, but the participants are encouraged to compete from the headquarters of the company they represent, as long as the epidemiological situation in the country allows it.

An advantage of having companies playing from their own headquarters (if feasible) is that they can use this event to promote team building, fostering a sense of connectivity between employees and contributing to a positive workplace environment.

Regulations for the first FIDE World Corporate Chess Championship (pdf)