June 15th – 23th 2019, Teplice, Czech Republic

XIV. Annual of International Chess Tournament

Regional Championship

June 15th – 23th 2019, Teplice, Czech Republic

Prize Fund Teplice Open: 184.000,- CZK

Organized by:Šachový klub Teplice,spolek (Chess Club Teplice) Č.p.139 Teplice, Srbice 415 01

Date : June 15th – 23th 2019

Place : House of Culture, (Dům kultury) Estrade Hall, Mírové nám. 2960,Teplice

System: 9-round Swiss (all categories)

Pace of games : 90 minutes per 40 moves + 30 minutes until end of game with 30-second bonus

per each move for each player from the beginning of the game.

Waiting time for late comers is 60 minutes.

Extras: Players may agree on a draw only after 30 moves (Sofia Rule).

TEPLICE OPEN 2019 International Chess Tournament / Regional Chess Championship