Sardinia World Chess Festival 2024

Sardinia World Chess Festival

Sardinia World Chess Festival

April 27 — May 4, 2024

Prize fund: 50.100 Euros


All foreign players without FIDE rating have to show proof of their national ratings. FIDE and FSI ratings changes and achievements follow current FIDE and FSI handbooks.


OPEN A: ELO higher than 1999
OPEN B: ELO lower than 2000
OPEN C: ELO lower than 1600

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to accept up to 10 wild cards per open for those players who hold an insufficient ELO. Requests to be registered in a tournament other than a direct assignment tournament must mandatorily be submitted via email.
The time tolerance is 60 minutes.
Prizes will only be paid through bank transfer according to local tax laws. By not participating in the prize-giving ceremony, players authorize the organizing committee NOT to pay the prize won.

Smoking electronic cigarettes is not allowed in game halls nor throughout the hotel premises, except for its outdoor terraces. The use of mobile phones, tablets, or any other electronic device that could be used to provide any type of chess help to the players in the rooms and throughout the game area, as well as in any other designated area, is prohibited during the game. Mobile phones or other devices will not be allowed unless they are inside a backpack or bag, they are turned off and remain so for the duration of the game. The player will authorize the arbiters to check that his device is turned off in case of any doubt on this point. The Organization of the Festival will not be responsible for players’ phones or other devices.

Open A

1st € 10.000,00
2nd € 6.000,00
3rd € 4.000,00
4th € 2.000,00
5th € 1.500,00
6th € 1.000,00
7th € 900,00
8th € 800,00
9th € 700,00
10th € 600,00
11th to 15th 400,00

Women’s section
1st € 1.000,00
2nd € 800,00
3rd € 600,00
4th € 400,00
5th € 200,00

ELO 2300-2399
1st € 500,00
2nd € 300,00
3rd € 200,00

ELO 2201-2299
1st € 500,00
2nd € 300,00
3rd € 200,00

ELO 2100-2200
1st € 500,00
2nd € 300,00
3rd € 200,00

The venue

The tournament will be held at the Club Hotel Marina Beach 4* in Orosei and rooms will be available for players and their accompanying people.
Club Hotel Marina Beach is the perfect destination for a pleasant holiday in Sardinia, where you can enjoy the food, and the beach and do some sport in the most enchanting Gulf of the island. Only a few meters from the Hotel is the golden beach of Marina di Orosei with its crystal-clear seawater, where you will have the possibility to go scuba diving, do water sports, and walk along the seashore.

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