International tournament with the norm of GM and IM

RADNICKICHESS — 2019. IM Round Robin, Belgrade 3.-11.12


About the international tournament with the norm of GM and IM

The international tournament Radnickichess is held from 3 december to 11 december 2019 in Belgrade (Serbia), the Hotel Balasevich hotel, address: Miška Kranjca 17a, is the official website of the hotel WWW.CENTARBALASEVIC.RS.

Tournament Organizers – Chess Club “Radnicki” -Belgrade
Chess club “Radnicki” Rudovici — Belgrade

System of conducting

The tournament is held on a round system in 9 rounds.
Time control — 90 minutes in 40 moves +30 minutes until the end of the game + 30 seconds for each move made, starting with the first. Tournaments are held according to the FIDE rules in force from 01/01/2018, using the Anti-cheat rules approved by FIDE, with a standard level of protection.

Overnight stay including breakfast:

-Single room: 28 EUR per night (per person)
-Double room: 18,5 EUR per night (per person)
-Price for a meal (lunch/dinner): 6 EUR
*Parking is free


Chess club” Radnicki”-Belgrade
GMI Mikhail Ivanov,