RADNICKICHESS . 25.01– 02. 02. 2023


GM,IM and Scheveningen System Tournaments

25.01– 02. 02. 2023. 04-12.02.2023.


International Radnickichess tournaments are held in Belgrade (Serbia) at the Radnicki Chess Club (Gospodara Vučića Street No. 231) from January 25 to February 2 and from February 4 to 12, 2023.

Tournament Organizers – Chess Club “Radnicki” –Belgrade

System of conducting:

GM 10, IM 10, Scheveningen System 5+5

The GM and IM tournaments are held according to the round robin system in 9 rounds.

Time control — 90 minutes in 40 moves +30 minutes until the end of the game + 30 seconds for each move made, starting with the first. Tournaments are held according to the FIDE rules in force from 01/01/2018, using the Anti-cheat rules approved by FIDE, with a standard level of protection.

Health protection measures will be applied in accordance to valid instructions from Serbian government institutions.


Tournament participants are free to choose their accommodation during the tournament.

At the request of tournament participants, the Chess Club Radnicki can provide assistance in finding apartments and hotels with a favorable price near the club.


Chess club” Radnicki”-Belgrade


WhatsApp/ Viber/ SMS :+38163307736