Pro Chess League 2023

The Pro Chess League is a $150,000 16-player team tournament taking place on, featuring Magnus Carlsen, Fabiano Caruana, Anish Giri and many more top players. The first five weeks are a Swiss tournament where teams that score 3 wins advance straight to the 8-team Playoffs, while teams with 3 losses are eliminated.

The Playoffs are held as a single elimination knockout, with quarterfinals, semifinals, a final and a 3rd place playoff. Each team has 6-10 players, but only 4 play each week, with an average rating cap of 2550 and at least one woman in each line-up. Each member of the team plays each member of the opposing team at 10+2 rapid chess. In case of a tie the players play another round of games at a faster time control.

Special guest on Thursday’s show Magnus Carlsen

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