News from FIDE Member Federations

News from Member Federations

We would like to remind you that we have at your disposal the email so you can share with us any relevant news.

«Dear Member Federations:

Over the past couple of years, FIDE has worked diligently to improve its outreach. Our website receives every day more than 50k visits (unique users), but it is our social media channels that are growing at a really fast pace, with 103k followers on Twitter, 85k on Facebook, and 96k on Instagram.

Last year, we have successfully launched a bi-weekly Newsletter, which has now 7,000 subscribers, and a new VKontakte page, for the Russian-speaking fan base. More importantly, during this time we have also established a regular relationship with many members of the media, and FIDE’s media database contains now the contact details of approximately 1,700 journalists in different fields, from all over the world.

We would like to remind you that these channels are at your disposal, to give visibility to your activities. Your sponsors, partners, and supporters will surely appreciate getting some international publicity.

For obvious reasons, we can’t possibly publicize all your activities, but as per policy we will always report about:

National Championships (both in open and women’s categories)
National Team Championships
The appointment of a new President to the National Federation.
Secondarily, we routinely publish about:

Promotional activities involving high authorities, sponsors, or celebrities
Important news about chess in education (i.e.: the launching of a national or regional program for chess in schools).
Social projects related to chess.
Additionally, in social media, we can always make room for interesting or original activities, particularly if these stories are accompanied by nice audiovisual materials. It is important that the photos or videos are of good quality.

We would really appreciate your cooperation in this regard. As they say, please «help us to help you».

We have a contact email,, dedicated to receiving this kind of news, and we kindly request you to send us a brief report about your main events and more relevant activities. Please give us a heads up when your national championship is about to start, and send us a few photos whenever you organize a social event. We cannot do this without your cooperation!

Apart from the aforementioned contact email, please feel free to reach out to me directly ( / +34 623 021 120), if you have any questions or you need my assistance. We are at your disposal.

Best regards,
David Llada

FIDE — Chief Marketing and Communications Officer»