Central Asian Chess Cup 2023

Central Asian Chess Cup 2023

“Central Asian Chess Cup”
International Open Tournament
17 – 25 January 2023


1. Tournament aim.

The aim of the tournament is:
— Popularization and development of chess in the Central Asia countries,
— Engagement of youth, amateurs and qualified chess players to participate in chess competitions
and tournaments,
— Preservation and multiplication of the cultural and sports traditions,
— Development of skills of Central Asia chess players

2. Organizer.

The tournament is held under the aegis of FIDE. The management of the tournament is carried out by
the President of Zone 3.4 FIDE of Central Asia countries and by Uzbekistan Chess Federation.
Organizers and arbiters are responsible for the general management of the event.

3. Time and venue.
The tournament takes place in the International Chess Academy in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) from
17th January (arrival) till 25th January (departure) 2023.

4. Tournament format.

The tournament will be played in 9 rounds by swiss system.
Time control: 90 minutes and a 30-second increment per move starting from move one.
The default time is 15 minutes.

5. Participants and conditions of entry.

Entitled to participate are chess players from the Central Asian countries – Afghanistan, Kazakhstan,
Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan with minimal rating 1800 for men and 1600 for
women, exception might be made for players from Afghanistan.
Participants from other countries are also allowed to participate, if their rating is according to the regulations.
— One official player from each non hosting Central Asia country will be provided with full board
and accommodation according to the application of their national chess federation.
— Other than Official Players, players shall be classified as Additional Players. Additional (extra)
players can also be registered by each National Federation. Extra players are responsible for their own
— The entry fee for each player (official and extra) is USD 100.
The participation in the main tournament is free of charge for Chess players with international
titles GM, IM, WGM, WIM.
A 50% discount is provided for seniors 60 years old or older and for physically disabled persons.
All applications from the National Chess Federations (for invited players) or from extra players must be
sent to Uzbekistan Chess Federation before the deadline of 14th January 2023.

6. Accommodation.

All the players excluding the official players will have to bear the cost for their accommodation.
The tournament venue shall be International Chess Academy in Tashkent. Participants can choose
their accommodation place and pay for it themselves.

7. Prizes and winners.

Winners are determined by number points scored and, in case of a tie, by the following tie breaks:
1) Direct encounter (if they all played with each other), 2) Rating performance, 3) The greater number
of wins, 4) The greater number of wins with black, 5) Buchholz, 6) Buchholz Cut 1,2 etc.

If participants have equal scores their prizes will not be shared and will be distributed according
to the abovementioned tie breaks. If one player wins in two nominations, prizes are not summarized,
the bigger prize shall be awarded. In case the prizes have equal amount, the main prize or the older
category prize shall be awarded.

The general prize fund is 18 000 USD.

Main prizes:

1st place — 4 000 USD
2nd place — 3 000 USD
3rd place — 1 500 USD
4th place — 1 400 USD
5th place — 1 000 USD
6th place — 900 USD
7th place – 800 USD
8th place — 700 USD
9th place — 600 USD
10th place — 500 USD
11th place — 400 USD
12th place — 300 USD
13th place – 200 USD

Special prizes:

1st place — 500 USD
Juniors U 16:
1st place — 400 USD
Girls U16:
1st place — 300 USD
Juniors U 20:
1st place — 450 USD
Girls U20:
1st place — 350 USD
1st place — 450 USD
Juniors U 14:
1st place — 250 USD

Prize winners from Uzbekistan shall receive prizes in the national currency according to the Central
Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan exchange rate. Prize money shall be transferred after the prize
winners provide all the necessary documents.

8. Visas

Participants, that need visa to enter Uzbekistan, have to register before 7th January 2023, pay the
tournament fee in advance and send their passport copy. Otherwise, organizers do not guarantee the
visa support. Organizers can’t provide any visa support if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan
doesn’t allow visa issue.

9.Dress code and healthcare measures

Please consider the FIDE dress code rules (don’t show up wearing shorts, flip flops, slippers and so on).
Participant might be excluded from the tournament in case of the increased body temperature or
other illness symptoms. Additional regulations might be issued later if necessary.

10. Members of Arbiters Board.

The hosting Federation invites one or two Arbiters with international title from other Central Asia
countries and provides them with full accommodation, board and stipend.

11. Financial terms.

The general prize fund, payment for accommodation and board of invited grandmasters, players and
arbiters and arbiter’s stipend is paid by Uzbekistan Chess Federation and sponsors.
Travel expenses of participants and arbiters to the venue and back and per diems will be covered by
sending organizations.

12. Schedule

Date                               Event                         Time
17.01.2023                      Arrival
18.01.2023                 Opening Ceremony        14.00
1 round

19.01.2023                      2 round                      09.00
3 round                      15.00
20.01.2023                      4 round                     14.00
21.01.2023                       5 round                    09.00
6 round                    15.00
22.01.2023                      7 round                      14.00
23.01.2023                      8 round                      14.00
24.01.2023                     9 round                       10.00
Closing Ceremony             16.00
25.01.2023                          Departure


Contact details:
Phone: (+998-71) 241-12-00
Website: www.uzchess.uz
Telegram: https://t.me/uzchess
E-mail: uzchess@inbox.ru