16th Asian Schools Chess Championships 2022

Asian Schools Chess Championhsip 2022 — Under 07 Open (2015 & Below)

Asian Schools Chess Championhsip 2022 — Under 07 Girls (2015 & Below)

Asian Schools Chess Championhsip 2022 — Under 09 Open (2013 & 2014)

Asian Schools Chess Championhsip 2022 — Under 09 Girls (2013 & 2014)

Asian Schools Chess Championhsip 2022 — Under 11 Open (2011 & 2012)

Asian Schools Chess Championhsip 2022 — Under 11 Girls (2011 & 2012)

Asian Schools Chess Championhsip 2022 — Under 13 Open (2009 & 2010)

Asian Schools Chess Championhsip 2022 — Under 13 Girls (2009 & 2010)

Asian Schools Chess Championhsip 2022 — Under 15 Open (2007 & 2008)

Asian Schools Chess Championhsip 2022 — Under 15 Girls (2007 & 2008)

Asian Schools Chess Championhsip 2022 — Under 17 Open (2005 & 2006)

Asian Schools Chess Championhsip 2022 — Under 17 Girls (2005 & 2006)

16th Asian Schools Chess Championships 2022
Open & Girls under 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 & 17
Kaluthara, Sri Lanka –3rd to 11th December 2022


The Chess Federation of Sri Lanka under the auspices of the Asian Chess Federation (ACF) and the World Chess Federation (FIDE), has the honour of inviting all Asian National Chess Federations to participate in the 16th Asian Schools Chess Championships 2018 to be organized in Kaluthara, Sri Lanka from 3rd (arrival) 11th December(departure) 2022.

1. General Rules & Regulations

The Championships shall be governed by the General Regulations for FIDE Competitions and the Rules.

2. Participation

2.1 There shall be 6 categories; namely Under-07, Under-09 Under-11, Under-13, Under15 and Under-17 with separate events for Open and Girls.
2.2 Entitled to participate are players who shall not have reached the age of 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, and 17 before 1 January 2022:

Under-07: Born on or after 1 January 2015
Under-09: Born on or after 1 January 2013
Under-11: Born on or after 1 January 2011
Under-13: Born on or after 1 January 2009
Under-15: Born on or after 1 January 2007
Under-17: Born on or after 1 January 2005
2.3. Every Asian National Chess Federation can register one official player in each category (open/girls) totaling a maximum of 12 players. No substitution from other categories can be made in case there is no official player in any category. One Head of delegation is allowed for the cost of the organizer.
2.4. Asian National Chess Federations shall have the right to send as many additional players as they wish but they are responsible for all their own expenses.

3. Financial Regulations

3.1 Entry Fee: The Entry Fee is 75 USD for official players and 150USD for additional players. After the deadline of 10th November 2022, the surcharge for late entries of USD 100 shall be applicable.
3.2 Registration Fee: According to the regulations all players and accompanying persons must pay a registration fee of 100 USD to the organizer. The registration fee includes the costs for airport transfers, Accreditation Cards, Certificates, etc.
3.3 The travelling costs of all participants must be paid by themselves or by their National Chess Federations.
3.4 The deadline of registration is 10th November 2022

4. Playing Venue & Official Hotels

4.1. The Playing Venue & Official Hotels are selected from Kaluthara, Sri Lanka.
4.2 Accommodation and full board will be provided by the organizers.
4.3 All Official players, one (1) player per country in each category and one (1) Head of Delegation per country are entitled to free Board and lodging for 8 nights starting from 3
rd to 11th December 22 at the Official Hotel in triple-room basis. Upgrades should need to pay the balance. Arrangement of rooms are on first register first serve basis.
4.4 All additional players and all other accompanying persons should pay the cost for board and lodging
(with breakfast, lunch & dinner) per person per day as given below. If the specified room type is not available when organizer received the payments, organizer has the right to modify the room type according to the availability.
4.5 Hotel fees are as below: (per person/per night) Hotel
Single room Double room Triple room (3rd Bed is fixed to wall
and use as a comfortable seat in a
double room.) 130 USD 70 USD 60USD
4.6 All participants and all accompany persons are obliged to lodge at the official Hotels. Bookings of official Hotel for the event should be done through the organizers only.

5. Format of Play

5.1 Time control: Each player shall have 90 minutes for the game with the addition of 30 seconds per move starting from the first move.
5.2 Where possible, each category shall be conducted in the Swiss System of 9 rounds.
5.3 Default time for arriving to the chessboard is 30 minutes.

6. Schedule

3rd December 2022- Arrival
4th December 2022– Asian Schools Rapid Chess Championship 2022 Rd. 1-7
5th December 2022– 9.30 a.m. – Opening Ceremony
5th December 2022– 10. 30 — 1st Round/ 4.00 p.m. – 2nd Round
6th December 2022– 09.30 a.m. 3rd Round
7th December 2022- 09.30 a.m. 4th Round/ 4.00 p.m. –5th Round
8th December 2022- 09.30 a.m. 6th Round
9th December 2022- 09.30 a.m. 7th Round/ 4.00 p.m. 8th Round
10th December 2022- 09.30 a.m. 9th Round
10th December 2022- 4.00 p.m. -Asian Schools Blitz Chess Championship 2022 Rd. 1-7
10th December 2022- — 8.00 p.m. – Prize Distribution Function
11th December 2022 before 12.00 noon — Departure

7. Tie-break System

7.1 The final ranking order of the players is determined by the number of points scored. If at the end of the tournament two or more players are tied for the first place or for any prize, the tie shall be broken as in accordance to the following:
7.2 Direct Encounter
7.3 The greater number of wins (forfeits counted)
7.4 The greater number of games with black (unplayed games shall be counted as played with white)
7.5. Buchholz cut 1
7.6 Buchholz
7.7 Sonneborn-Berger

8. Prizes

8.1 Trophies, Medals and certificates will be awarded to the top 3 players in each category.
8.2 Team medals will also be granted considering total results of the best 3 players from a country. A country should have at least 2 players to claim a team medal.
8.2 Certificates of Participation shall be given to players, FIDE accredited trainers, managers, and the appointed Technical Officials.
8.3 For Under-13, Under-15 & Under-17 categories, finishing first (after tie-break) shall be awarded the FM/WFM title. The Silver & Bronze Medal (after tie-break) winners shall be awarded the CM/WCM title.
8.4 For Under-07, Under-09 & Under-11 categories, finishing first equal up to 3 players or Silver & Bronze Medal (after tiebreak) winners shall be awarded the CM/WCM title.
8.5 For a direct title to be awarded immediately an applicant has to have achieved at some time or other a
minimum rating as follows: FM 2100, WFM 1900, CM 2000, WCM 1800
8.6 In case there are fewer than ten players and five federations in an age group, that group shall be merged with another group.

9. Appeals Committee

9.1 The Appeals Committee shall comprise 3 members one of whom may be the ACF Technical
Delegate. In the event that the Appeals Committee is appointed by the Technical Meeting, there should be an additional 2 reserve members and in this case, no member shall take part in a decision affecting a player of his own federation.
9.2 A protest against the decision of an Arbiter must be submitted in writing to the Chief Arbiter, within a half an hour after the end of the respective Game.
9.3. A protest fee of USD 200 shall be paid to the Organizer which is refundable if the protest is upheld.
The Appeals Committee may also decide to refund the fee if it considers that the appeal was not frivolous.
9.4 The decision of the Appeals Committee is final, binding and takes effect immediately.

10. Visa

10.1 All players and accompanying persons who require a visa to enter Sri Lanka should get the prior visa from the respective Sri Lankan Mission abroad. Online visa is also possible through the following website. www.eta.gov.lk/slvisa/visainfo
The address in contact details can be used for visa purpose.

11. Travel Information

11.1 Colombo BIA International Airport is well connected from most of the leading airports in Asia.

12. Contact Details

Mr. Luxman Wijesuriya
Chairman – Organizing committee,
Chess Federation of Sri Lanka,
392/14, Gangodawila Nugegoda
Email – cfslnew@gmail.com
Telephone — 0094715397829
You may use this address for visa purpose.

13. Bank Details

Name of account- Chess Federation of Sri Lanka
Address – 151/12, Siridhamma Mawatha, Colombo 10.
A/C Number – 718386
Name of the bank – Bank of Ceylon
Branch – Bambalapitiya
Bank address – Unity Plaza Building, Bambalapitiya, Colombo 04, Sri Lanka.
Swift Code – BCEYLKLX
(You do not need IBAN to transfer money to Sri Lanka)
We wish to see all Asian Chess Family in Sri Lanka to feel the Sri Lankan Hospitality! See you in Colombo.

Luxman Wijesuriya
Chairman – Organizing Committee
President Chess Federation of Sri Lanka
General Secretary – Commonwealth Chess Association
Vice President – Asian Chess Federation


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