Asian Rapid Chess Team Championship 2024

Asian Rapid Chess Team Championship 2024

organised by the

The Hong Kong China Chess Federation Limited

About the Tournament

Expanding on the triumph of the inaugural World Rapid Team Championship in Germany last year, the Asian Chess Federation proudly announces its own rendition of this esteemed event. Scheduled to unfold amidst the vibrant backdrop of Hong Kong this August, the Asian Rapid Team Championship promises an electrifying fusion of strategic brilliance and fierce competition.

Boasting a substantial prize pool exceeding USD 30,000, this championship beckons the sharpest minds and most adept players from across the Asian chess landscape. With over 500 participants hailing from diverse Asian federations poised to converge, anticipation brims as each team embarks on a quest for chessboard supremacy and the coveted title of champion.

As the excitement mounts and the clock ticks down, all eyes fixate on Hong Kong-a bustling hub where the continent’s chess elite will collide. Amidst the echoing clack of pieces and the intensity of strategic maneuvers, participants will not only vie for victory but also embrace the camaraderie and enduring spirit of competition that define the essence of this illustrious event.



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