GM & IM Round Robin «AKVA GOLD 2021»

1. Ask and Hotel Akva Gold**** organize six closed round robin tournaments GM
Round Robin «Akva Gold 1 «, IM Round Robin «Akva Gold 1»
from July 17th-23th and GM Round Robin «Akva Gold 2», IM Round Robin «Akva Gold 2» from July 24th – 30th and GM Round Robin «Akva Gold 3», IM Round Robin «Akva Gold 3» from July 31th-August 06th in Akva Gold Hotel**** , Arandjelovac

2. Each tournament will have 10 participants and 9 rounds will be played.

3. Time control is 90 minutes for 40 moves plus 15 minutes to the end of the game
with 30 seconds increment, starting with move one.

4. Minimal guaranteed average rating of players on GM tournament is 2381 and on
IM tournament is 2231.

5. Organizers will provide necessary structure of participants and chess equipment
for each event.

6. Minimal rating for participating on GM tournament is 2201 and on IM tournament
is 2101. Organizer is allowed to include players whose rating is lower than minimal
for each tournament if it will not affect minimal guaranteed average rating of

7. Drawing of lots procedure and Technical meeting will take place in Akva Gold
Hotel at 12:00 on July 17th for GM & IM Round Robin «Akva Gold 1». Tournaments
schedule will be published in the Regulations and distributed to players at the
Technical Meeting.

8. Accommodation for all participants is supposed to be in Akva Gold Hotel**** or
Hotel Izvor ***** . For discounted prices and special offers, please contact

9. Entry fee for participating depends on a players rating (July 1st FRL is valid) and
looks like as follows:

GM Round Robin Tournament                            IM Round Robin Tournament
ELO 2501 + 150 EUR                                                     ELO 2376 + 100 EUR
ELO 2451 — 2500 200  EUR                                          ELO 2301- 2375 150 EUR
ELO 2401 – 2450 250 EUR                                          ELO 2251 — 2300 200 EUR
ELO 2351 – 2400 300 EUR                                          ELO 2201 – 2250 250 EUR
ELO 2301 – 2350 350 EUR                                          ELO 2151 – 2200 300 EUR
ELO 2201 – 2300 450 EUR                                         ELO 2101 – 2150 350 EUR
ELO 2200 and less 550 EUR                                       ELO 2100 and less 400 EUR

10.Entry fees presented in a table above are valid for players who use
accommodation offered by organizer. Participants are not obliged to be
accommodated in official hotel, but if they want to use accommodation on their
own, there is additional 50 EUR entry fee

11.On request organizer can offer individual or group transfer to any location

12. For all further information about these tournaments and for accommodation
reservation, please contact the organizer:

GM Dejan Pikula +381 65 31 79 693(Viber and WhatsApp) or via e-mail arandjelovacsah@gmail.com

Regulasions (PDF)