1st Sharjah International Cup for Girls

1st Sharjah International Cup for Girls

Chess & Culture Club for Sharjah Women is pleased to invite you to participate at the 1st Sharjah International Cup for Girls which will be held at Lichess.org from 29th July to 31st July 2021.

Participants & Registration:

Participation is open for Girls only under 14, each player must have valid Fide ID.

Last day for registration is 28th of July 2021.

Registration is only accepted online via the following link: www.shjwomenchess.com Fill the registration form (last and first name, email, WhatsApp number, and year of birth) and attach personal photo while holding a paper with your name.

Preliminary Stage: 13 Rounds Swiss System, Top 25 + 10 wildcards (from the organizers committee) will qualify to the final stage.

Finals: 35 players will play against each other.

Time Control:
 Preliminary Stage: 3 minutes per move for the whole game.
 Finals: 15 minutes + 5 seconds increment per move for the whole game.


FAIR PLAY – DISCLAIMER for Final Stage and Preliminary Stage
Chess & Culture Club for Sharjah Women has taken several measures to ensure clean and fair play system for all participants. QCA reserves the right to BAN x-player from taking part in any future tournament hosted by Club and declare his name in public if x-player turn out to be cheating or using any external assistance like chess engines during the tournament. If your Lichess.org account is further convicted of fair-play violations, your account will be closed, and you will be subjected to lichess private proceedings.

By signing in the tournament every participant confirms to have read and accepted these regulations and especially the following:



– All participants agree to abide by all rules and site policies stated at Lichess.org .

– The anti-cheating measures are based on Lichess.org resources.

– Throughout the 1st Sharjah International Cup for girls, Lichess.org dedicated team of fair play professionals, computer scientists and statisticians will be working in coordination with their proprietary fair play detection technology to ensure that fair results are made for each game.

– All participants shall comply and co-operate with Lichess.org Fair Play and Anti-cheating detection team.

Players may be removed from the Event at any time by final decision of the Chief Arbiter or the Organizers Team based on the consultation of fair play evaluation of Lichess.org .

– The final list of players qualified for the finals will be published after fair play review. – Participants winning a prize will be additionally post-checked by the Arbiters Team and can be disqualified after once the tournament is concluded.

– Participants have no right to appeal for pairings made during the Event.

– Organizers Lichess.org have no responsibility to technical problems arising to players during the games.

– Players are not allowed to change their “nickname” in Lichess.org after being registered in the tournament.

– Players that will change nickname after their registration could be disqualified from the tournament no matter the round or the stage.

– Organizers have the right to change the schedule, update the regulations or decide for any matter that is not mentioned in the current regulations.

Final Stage

– Players that will qualify for the final stage (35 players) will be requested to provide their email address and whatsapp number for detailed playing instructions by the arbiter.

-Players shall play under supervision in Zoom Environment (download at: https://zoom.us/download )

– Players have to be present in the Zoom call for a technical meeting 30 minutes before the start of the tournament and remain connected following the instructions given by the arbiters.

– Players shall share their webcam (in Zoom)

– Players shall agree to turn on the „Share my Screen” function (in Zoom)

– In case of disconnect during a game, the game will continue until play resumes of a flag falls.

– In case of disconnect during a match (between games), the missing player will have 2 minutes to reconnect, unless the arbiter decides otherwise. Repeated disconnects may lead to sanctions.

– For Social Media and archiving purpose, all participants are requested to provide a picture of themselves while playing in the knockouts day and share it with the organizers.

– All players are requested to follow the dress code of business casual (or elegant casual) no shorts.